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Activities: Aquatic

Kailua-Kona Hawaii Beaches   Beaches

In our opinion, Kona has some of the best snorkeling beaches in all of Hawaii. The reason is the water clarity is far superior because of the lava flow into the ocean. Normally the water currents would impact water clarity but that is not the case when the coral sits on lava. No sand equals high visibility.

Check with your concierge for their map and recommendations on beaches. No needs to bring snorkels because our resort has a few sets for your use. Come early so you can check them out for your beach adventures.

Kailu-Kona Hawaii Scuba Diving   Diving

There are few destinations in the world that can offer more to divers than the Kona Coast. A magical world awaits you below the crystal clear waters surrounding the Big Island. With Manta Ray Night Dives, Pelagic Dives, and a diverse assortment of pristine reefs, it's no wonder the Kona Coast is continually rated as one of the most interesting and unique diving destinations in the world.

Whether you're a first-time diver anxious to experience the sport, a new diver looking for the perfect spot to complete your check-out dives, or an old salt seeking a once-n-a-lifetime experience, you'll find the Kona Coast to be the ideal setting in which to explore the underwater realm.

Kailua-Kona Hawaii Fishing   Fishing

Hawaii is one of the world's top deep sea fishing destinations and it's the geography of the Big Island that makes Kona Hawaii the sport fishing capital of the Pacific.

Five huge mountain masses protect the Kona coast from the winds, resulting in sea conditions that are usually as calm as a lake.The steep slope of the ocean bottom puts the deep sea sport fishing within a short distance from the shoreline. Just three miles straight out of the harbor, it's over 6000 feet deep!

Six species of billfish roam the Kona coast along with six species of tuna, mahi mahi (dorado), ono (wahoo), along with several species of shark and a wide variety of big-game bottom fish. With so many kinds of fish and fishing styles available, there's little excuse for not catching at least one.